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My name is Cindy and my husband is Mark and we're both happily retired. 
We live on 12 acres in Mooresville, Indiana about 20 minutes southwest of Indianapolis.  My daughter, her husband and four kids live next door and my stepdad lives next to them.  Our cattery, MuffinCrumbs, began in May 2019 with the purchase of a male Ragamuffin we named Nazboo.

Prior to Nazboo, my husband and I shared our home with three amazing American Bulldogs and two older rescue cats.  Unfortunately, we lost the cats to old age shortly after acquiring the Bulldogs.   I missed the cats and wanted to replace them but quickly learned that pampering three, 100 pound Bulldogs took a lot of time.  We loved and pampered them for 10 years before losing them to cancer, all within one year.  We were devastated and lonely.

Knowing what we were going through, a friend told us they had heard of breeds of cats that had dog-like qualities.  That sounded like the perfect pet for us.  I did my research on various cat breeds and decided that the Ragamuffin had the qualities we were looking for;  healthy, loyal companion, loves attention, meets you at the door, little matting of the hair and friendly with guests.  My research mentioned several times that Ragamuffins were like lap dogs and had been called "gentle giants and "teddy bears".  They were also mentioned as extremely sweet and great with kids which is very important.

We started looking on websites for available kittens but we became leery of kitten mills.  We wanted to know we were getting a kitten from a breeder with high breeding standards and healthy kittens.  We were lucky to come across a RagaMuffin kitten club with catteries around the world.  The members are all dedicated to the health and welfare of the RagaMuffin breed. 

These catteries became the center of my search for a kitten or two. Everyone needs a playmate.  As I searched for a kitten, I found that most breeders had waiting lists.  As we looked and waited, we made the decision to become breeders of RagaMuffin kittens. We wanted to help others enjoy this lovable lap cat.

We now have five of the most beautiful cats we could have asked for and it was worth the wait. They meet us at the door, nudge our hands to be petted and roll on their backs for belly rubs.  Using our iPads, phones or computer seems to be their cue that we need a Ragamuffin to love on and they eagerly respond.  It’s just what we were looking for.  

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