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Silver Red Classic Tabby 

Loki is a laid back, soft and lovable cat.  He'll lay on someone's lap to be petted and soon roll on his back for his favorite treat, a good belly rub.  He likes belly rubs so much, he forgets he's laying on your lap and rolls onto the floor if you're not fast enough to catch him.  He greets us at the door and loves strangers.  You know your RagaMuffin loves you when he waits for you outside the bathroom door, that's if he wasn't able to get in.  He is a great daddy to the kittens of Mittens, Patches and Coco.


Nazboo (Family Pet)

Black smoke and white

Nazboo was our first RagaMuffin.  Nothing makes Nazboo happier than being held. He's loving to everyone and his fellow cats.  He doesn't mind being combed, it's just extra loving.  He expects anyone's full attention when he's on their lap or lying next to them.  Don't try using your phone, he'll bat at it.  If I'm using my iPad, he'll lie on it. Even when we pet him, he expects our full attention.  If I have a free hand, he'll nudge it to remind me he expects both hands on him.

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