Loki is Dad to all of these kittens located on the King page.
The Mom's are all three on the Queen's page.

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Meet Danika she is the last one of Mittens' kittens. Born the day of the Indy 500, she has found a happy home.     
 - - ADOPTED - - 

This is Louise, Patches' little one and she has found her 'furever' home. 

         - - ADOPTED - - 

Meet Holly she is one of Coco's little ones and doesn't mind being in this box too much. 
 - - ADOPTED - - 

Her name is Dottie, she is all about sweetness and one of Coco's little babies. 

This is Edwin (Coco's little one) he prefers to be playful and enjoys running about rather than taking pictures. 
     - - ADOPTED - - 

This is Roy really handsome little one from Coco's litter. 

Nick (another one of Cocos') he loves to play and is very curious.  

At four weeks old, AJ (female) and Kato (male) already come to get petted when you walk toward  their living area. These are both Mittens's babies. 

     - - BOTH ADOPTED - - 

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