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Seal Point

Coco is the first female we purchased.  I call her a rascal, my husband calls her a pain in his.......  She is the most inquisitive cat I've ever seen.  She has no fear and can jump cat trees in a single bound.  Her antics have driven us to tears of laughter.  She also knows her name, loves to be petted and is curious about everything.  She's truly a joy to have around.  

we retired Coco and she is now a family pet.  

Coca and babies.GIF


Tortoise  shell and white (Calico)


 Patches has beautiful coloring. She's black, white and orange, all of  which are very vibrant and shiny.  Patches is a very playful cat and loves exploring, with or without Coco.  She lays on the back of the couch watching birds and rodents out the window.  She makes it her responsibility to make sure all cats have clean ears, a responsibility that is not always appreciated.    Patches is an overachiever at the food bowls and proud of it.  She loves belly rubs.

Patches became a mom on April 27th to four beautiful kittens.  



Brown mackerel tabby and white

Mittens is our youngest female and was named by our 6 year old granddaughter.  Mittens really likes to  play with the other cats , as well as being held by us.  When the other cats aren't around, she'll dig through the toy box looking for a perfect toy and it is so fun watching her as she bounces about with her toy.

Mittens became a mom on August 23rd (Indianapolis 500 race day) to three gorgeous kittens.  They are really precious.   There is one male and two females.


See our kitten page for details!

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